Grace United Church is community of people who are seeking to follow Jesus. We value unity, hospitality, faith and love. Our lives, as individuals and as a community, have been touched by Jesus’s love.

We believe in strong links between church and community. Grace began as a partnership between five congregations of the United Church of Canada: St. Andrew’s Cantley, Chelsea United Church, St. Andrew’s Gatineau, Rupert United Church, and St. Andrew’s in Wakefield, Quebec. These congregations decided to become one church, a process that involved joy, tears, hard work and faith. Grace officially become one church in November 2016. We are still finding our identity as a new church. We are praying and researching about location and how we can best serve our communities. At the moment, we are worshipping in Chelsea and Rupert.

As a church, we are different in many ways: in stage of life, our personalities, gender, sexual orientation, language and more! What we share in common is Jesus.

It is always good to make new friends; regardless of where you are on your faith journey, it would be a joy to meet you.

As a church, we don’t have exactly the same opinions on doctrine or theology. What then is in common? We trust in Jesus and in his Resurrection. We believe these words of the New Creed and they shape our way of being and living:


Grace United Church is part of the United Church of Canada. You can find out more at these websites:




Questions? Please feel free to ask.