COVID 19 Adaptations

COVID 19 has changed many things in our daily lives and how things will work at Mill Road is no different.  We have made a number of changes to meet the COVID requirements set out by the health authorities and you can rest assured, we are always here to lend a hand.  

This being said, it is important for you to note that making a plan to run your specific activity is up to you.  You know your activity and your audience best and we cannot be responsible for how your activity unfolds.

Here are the adaptations we have made to meet COVID guidelines.


Grace United has taken on full responsibility for keeping its spaces cleaned to the requirements set out by the health authorities.  This means that when you and your group arrive for your activity, you can be assured that the space is ready for use.  To do this effectively, we have temporarily introduced a COVID cleaning fee which will apply on a per use basis.  We are working to keep this fee as low as possible, but we know you’ll understand that safety comes first.  In general, we will not be cleaning during your activities.  Exceptions may apply.

Hand Sanitization Stations

All entrances and exits will be set up with a hand sanitizing station for visitors to use.

Removal of non-essential items

The government directives have specified that we remove all ‘non-essential’ items in order to limit touch points and make decontamination cleaning easier.  At Mill Road, this means we have removed all of the cushions, almost all chairs, and cordoned off the coat rack and bookshelves at the church’s main Sanctuary entrance.  For now, we have left the lamps in the pews but have placed these in ‘non-seating’ pews.  We hope that this will eliminate them as touch points while still respecting health guidelines.  They have been kept in order to retain a little bit of our ambiance.  The Sunshine room has undergone some similar pairing down, but we anticipate that due to distancing requirements there will be very limited demand from you for this space.

Note on Acoustics

Acoustically, the Sanctuary is decidedly “brighter” with the removal of many soft items.  If you are planning a musical performance, we are happy to work with you to develop a plan for temporary measures to mitigate this while respecting COVID guidelines.  We hope that non-performance musical activities will be able to manage with this sound brightness.

Limited Seating

We have mapped out seating in the Sanctuary for seated activities like performances and lectures.  We have done this mapping based on the 1.5 meters of separation which the QC government guidelines require for activities where the audience is essentially sitting still and not speaking.  At this distance, officially, your audience does not need a mask.  However, we feel that is prudent that you recommend that your audience do wear one.

If your audience is primarily made up of families of 4-5, then you can anticipate a maximum audience size of 50.  If your audience is primarily made up of couples and singles, then you should anticipate a maximum audience size of 32.  A schematic of this seating plan is available here.

For more active activities or audiences that will be speaking and projecting their voice more, we can work with you one-on-one to ensure that all guidelines are being met.

Traffic Flow

In order to reduce crowding, entrances, exits and aisles must flow in one direction only.  It is important to plan to have someone to help your audience maintain social distancing at these points.  Directional arrows on the floors indoors and cones you can place outdoors will be available to help you with this task.


Toilets will be available to you and your customers.  However, we do encourage all visitors to use these as little as possible.  They will be cleaned as per the regulations between each group using the premises.

There is a lot to consider here so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sabrina.