Jesus calls his Church to unity. In the Bible, we hear that the Church is like one body: there are many different parts, but all of them are important and united.

Between Churches

For Grace United Church, unity with our siblings in Christ has been a joy and a chance to grow in faith. Most of our members live in Wakefield, Chelsea, Cantley, Gatineau and Rupert Quebec. It has been good to get to know our neighbour churches of other denominations, right here in the Gatineau Hills. We have been sharing in joint worship from time to time, promoting each other’s events, praying for each other, and working together on children’s activities. God has blessed these relationships richly.

Other Faiths

Our Christian faith also calls us to the challenges and joys of loving those who are different from us. We are interested in building stronger relationships with people of other faith traditions in our area. This has happened through learning events, sharing in worship, and getting to know one another. There is a particularly strong interfaith group in Chelsea, Quebec.