Welcome to Worship!

How does worship work in the pandemic?

We have been worshipping online since March 2020. We expect this to continue  through the Christmas season and into the early months of 2020. You can follow worship on Facebook – search “Grace United Church- Quebec” to find our group. You can also participate in worship via Zoom. Please contact mailforgrace16@gmail.com for Zoom links and more info. Sunday worship services are at 10 am.

Who is welcome at Grace United church?

Everyone! This includes LGBTQ folks, half-asleep teenagers, squirmy toddlers, middle-aged people, older people, questioners, ‘saints’, ‘sinners’, and people who can only put $2 in the collection plate. Everyone. Seriously. You are a beloved child of God. That is a pretty amazing thing!

What can I expect at church?

When Grace United Church gathers for worship, there is a reading from the Bible, lots of singing, and time for prayer. Sometimes we celebrate a baptism, or a special meal called communion. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Is worship in English or French?

Most of the worship service is in English, but we also sing, pray and read Scripture in French. Grace United Church includes francophones and anglophones. Grace is interested in growing in bilingualism. We also welcome songs & prayers in other languages!

When is worship?

From June to September, church is on Sundays mornings from 10-11 am in Rupert.  From October to May, church is on Sunday mornings from A to B am in Chelsea. There are occasionally worship gathering at other times – for Christmas Eve, a special prayer service…

Where do I go?

From June-September: 646 chemin des Érables in Rupert. From October-May: 537 Route 105 in Chelsea.

Where can I park? What if I need a ride?

In Rupert, there are a number of spots available near the church. In Chelsea, there are some spots available in the church parking lot. If this is full, you can park just across the street in the Freshmart parking lot. If you or someone you know would like a ride to church, please let us know. Church members from Grace live across the Gatineau Hills, including in Rupert, Wakefield, Chelsea, Cantley and Gatineau. There is likely someone coming to church from nearby who could pick you up.

What about kids?

Kids are always welcome at church! During the school year, they begin worship with the grown-ups. After about 15 minutes, they can choose to remain with their grown-ups, or to go to Sunday School with one of our two experienced teachers. Throughout the year, we keep colouring and Bible-themed children’s books available for kids. Everyone understands that kids (especially young ones) can sometimes be loud or squirmy. This is ok – we’re glad your family is here!

Why is worship important?

Lots of reasons! Spiritual life can be lonely if it is a journey walked alone. Worshipping with others is an important spiritual practice. At church we learn together, pray together, eat together, and sing together. The United Church of Canada strongly values community. At church, we may meet Jesus for the first time, or come to know him more deeply. Jesus said “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” (Matthew 18:20) At church, we listen for the Spirit, we find new questions and we seek to live in love as followers of Jesus. Sometimes we are hurt or disappointed…but we are also heard, forgiven, cherished and loved.