Church Council Minutes – January 12, 2022

Church Council Minutes – September 14, 2021

Church Council Minutes – June 2, 2021

Church Council Minutes – April 28, 2021

Church Council Minutes – April 2021

Church Council Minutes – February 2021

Church Council Minutes – November 2020

Church Council Minutes – August 2020

Church Council Minutes – June 2020

Grace United Church is a democratic church. Our minister, Rev. Natalie Matkovsky, offers spiritual leadership. However, the task of being the Church is for all of us. Jesus calls the whole Church to worship and to prayerfully listen for God’s voice. Jesus calls the whole Church to join in his mission of sharing God’s love.

The Church Council helps to guide, lead and serve the church. Here are the most recent sets of minutes from council above.

We make decisions prayerfully and together. Each year, there is a meeting of the whole church congregation. You can find last year’s minutes here. Grace also has a church council and small groups who offer leadership on worship, pastoral care, communications and more.

Grace United Church is part of the United Church of Canada. Most of the church members live in Chelsea, Wakefield, Cantley, Gatineau and Rupert Quebec.

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