A Community Space​

Grace United Church is proud to partner with Mill Road Community Space (MRCS) in our Chelsea location. MRCS is a new project in our community.  Working together with Grace, they are transforming our Chelsea (Québec) location into a multi-purpose community space. Along with Christian worship and community, the building now hosts a variety of activities. These include music lessons, a children’s choir, the Fiddleheads group, the Nearly New shop, concerts, yoga and more. MRCS manages the bookings for the building, promotes it, and has worked to make the building itself a welcoming and multi-purpose space. The rental income helps to support building maintenance.

Working for Justice

MRCS also works for the good of our community and world. Each year they have an initiative – in 2018, this has been “Taking Mental Health Out of the Shadows” which involves community dinners, information sessions and healing conversations.