What Spaces Can I Rent?

The following information is about Grace United Church’s Chelsea (Quebec) location. We also offer rentals of our Rupert (Quebec) location. For more information about the Rupert church, please contact us. 

  1. The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is renowned for its great acoustics.  It has hosted many professional musical performances and has also been used for recordings.  Its stage also makes it great for small-scale theatre productions, lectures, larger AGMs and panel discussions.  The stage space in combination with the open space below it allow for classes such as yoga, dance and some sports.

  • 150m² (1600ft²)
  • Wooden floors
  • Seating for up to 143 people (pews and removable chairs)
  • 22’6” x 15’1” stage with two stage entrances and central steps (5) leading from main floor to stage
  • In-house audio-visual equipment available on demand at no extra cost
  • On-stage piano

Click here for a pdf diagram of the Sanctuary COVID 19 seating plan.

2. The Sunshine Room

The Sunshine Room is a warm and inviting room suitable for smaller AGMs, kids’ birthday parties, arts and crafts classes, play groups, discussion groups,  bridge clubs and more.

  • 53 m² (575ft²)
  • Floors: linoleum and carpet
  • Seating for up to 70 people theatre style with head table
  • Small couch and several comfortable occasional chairs in the room in addition to some pews lining two walls
  • Folding tables and chairs available at no charge

3.  The Front Basement

The Front Basement is the permanent home of the Nearly New second-hand shop open one Friday evening and the following Saturday day per month.  On request, clothing items can be cleared to the side to allow the space to be used for activities such as receptions following performances.

  • 130m²/1400ft² (some space may be taken up by clothing racks on the sides of the room)
  • Cement floors
  • Direct access to the kitchen
  • Folding tables and chairs available at no charge

4.  The Kitchen

The kitchen offers all that is needed for light beverages and snacks or pre-prepared cold meals.

  • Fridge available for day-of rental period only
  • Sink, dish soap and drying rack
  • Cutlery and utensils, cutting boards
  • An assortment of non-matching plates and platters
  • Coffee mugs and teacups, saucers, as well as tea pots and coffee makers
  • Table clothes
  • Plenty of counter space and folding table for food prep

5.      The Back Basement

The back basement is on the other side of the kitchen from the Front Basement. There is direct access to a secondary exterior door at the front of the church.  It is a largely unfinished space that is used partially for storage.  It is ideal for the budget conscious who only need a small, basic space.

  • Direct kitchen access
  • Folding tables and chairs available